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Year after year, the world population grows, along with the prosperity, which causes consumers to make more aware decisions containing their diet; choosing the highest quality foods cultivated on ecological farms. The demand for the highest quality healthy foods is growing rapidly. Novisem has accepted this challenge. We produce, sell, and do continuous research in the area of the improvement and refinement of vegetable seeds growing into strong, healthy and delicious plants which generate profit.

We focus mostly on local vegetables, such as celery, chicory, pole- and broad beans. We constantly pursue the goal of improving and refining the varieties we produce. We carefully listen to our consumers’ needs and we collaborate closely with the entire production and distribution chain, implementing state-of-art technologies and innovative solutions in all areas of our sector. You are the one to benefit from the effects of this work. We sow, You gather.


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Novisem Sales Team

Our Novisem Sales Team is ready to answer all your questions!

Hubert (H.) Kühling
Hubert (H.) KühlingMarketing & Sales Director
Giel (M.P.M.) Peulen
Giel (M.P.M.) PeulenSales Specialist
Stephanie Peeters - Görtz
Stephanie Peeters - GörtzCustomer Service Manager
Wilhelm Schneider
Wilhelm Schneider Sales Specialist Germany
M.M. (Mikaël) Bazantay
M.M. (Mikaël) Bazantay Sales Manager


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Our Novisem Sales Team is on hand to answer all your questions!

H. (Hubert) Kühling
Marketing & Sales Director
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Giel Peulen
Sales Specialist
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Stephanie Peeters – Görtz
Customer Service Manager
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Wilhelm Schneider
Sales Specialist Germany
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M.M. (Mikaël) Bazantay
Sales Manager
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