Novisem and BASF open day

/Novisem and BASF open day

Novisem and BASF open day

Last Sunday October 13th, 2019 Novisem and BASF showed their an open day for all growers, dealers and plantraisers of Celeriac in Polen.
On this nice day in Kalisz, where many interested parties visited, Novisem presented the new hybrid generation Celeriac; Calgary F1 and Fargo F1.
In the field, with 84.000 bulbs/ha was.


Our Novisem Sales Team is on hand to answer all your questions!

H. (Hubert) Kühling
Marketing & Sales Director
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Giel Peulen
Sales Specialist
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Stephanie Peeters – Görtz
Customer Service Manager
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Wilhelm Schneider
Sales Specialist Germany
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M.M. (Mikaël) Bazantay
Sales Manager
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