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Novisem refines, produces and sells seeds which, in environmentally friendly conditions, allow outgrow into healthy, delicious vegetables customers are eager to buy. Our seeds meet the requirements of farmers, while the plants they grow meet the requirements of the trade and food industry, and moreover the consumers.

Our way of working:

We attain our goals thanks to constant research, the use of state-of-art techniques and implementation of new ideas. We keep our eyes and ears wide open. We have very vast expertise, from cultivation methods to culinary recipes. We have managed to create an efficient organization easily adapting to the market needs. Moreover we cooperate with a network of companies, such as farming, logistics, food processing, as well as retail sellers and consumers. Our way of work is determined by such values as reliability, mutual respect, transparency and openness to cooperation.


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Novisem Sales Team

Our Novisem Sales Team is ready to answer all your questions!

Hubert (H.) Kühling
Hubert (H.) KühlingGerman speaking area, Scandinavia, UK
Giel (M.P.M.) Peulen
Giel (M.P.M.) Peulenthe Netherlands, Belgium
Wilhelm Schneider
Wilhelm Schneider France
M.M. (Mikaël) Bazantay
M.M. (Mikaël) Bazantay Germany, Austria
Jean-Philippe Guihal
Jean-Philippe GuihalFrance
W.P.T. (Wout) Nelissen
W.P.T. (Wout) Nelissenthe Netherlands
Gregorio Padula
Gregorio PadulaMediterranean, Americas, Africa, Asian-Pacific
Glenn Faessen
Glenn FaessenSeed Supply
Stephanie Peeters - Görtz
Stephanie Peeters - GörtzCustomer Service
Loek Reinders
Loek ReindersCustomer service assistant


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