Normal Seeds
Normal seeds are without any seedenhancement. Seeds will be sold per unit or per kg.
Novisem Precision Seeds
These seeds are improved ‘Normal seeds’. The seeds will have a higher germination rate and the seeds have uniformer size. Novisem Precision Seeds are sold only per unit.
Novisem Primed Seeds
Primed seeds are activated to germ uniform and faster. Novisem Primed Seeds are exclusively sold per unit.
Novisem Pelleted Seeds
Novisem Pelleted Seeds are coated with a material in a way that seedform is very uniform so the pellets can be sown automatically by machinery. Novisem Pelleted Seeds are exclusively sold per unit.
The Novipil is a unique pill that is primed and pelleted specifically for the highest standard used by plantraisers. NoviPills are exclusively sold per unit.
Is a fully covering (colored) layer around the seeds. With filmcoated seeds, additional materials like fungicide or insecticides can be applied. Filmcoated Seeds are sold per unit or per kg.
All quality figures are tested by ISTA standards.
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